Stay at Home, Be safe!

As we all know, the Corona Virus is affecting everyone across the globe.

It's imperative that we are obeying the stay-at-home orders for our individual states & practicing safety during this time in order to protect each other from contracting the virus.

Our elderly need us, our children need us, we need each other. 

I encourage you during this time to make the most of our strange circumstances by working even harder to put love into action toward your loved ones at home, finding ways to help those that are putting their lives on the line everyday to make sure we're ok, being considerate & kind to others, taking good care of yourself, checking on your family & friends especially those that are alone, eating healthy, praying, journaling, learning something new, laughing, reading a new book, listening to good music, moving your body and enjoying life in ways that make you happy in the safest way possible. 


In the meantime, please be good to one another, reach out when you're feeling lonely and click the link above for help on how to stay healthy during this COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Many blessings, peace and love to you all! 


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